VHF: Channels 16 and 12
Callsign: Oban Harbour

Masters, skippers and crew are reminded that Channel 16 is a DISTRESS SAFETY AND CALLING CHANNEL ONLY. Other than for distress it must only be used to establish contact before going to a working channel.

The recognised vessel to vessel channels are 6, 8, 72 and 77.

Oban Harbour operational channels must not be used for vessel to vessel communications. Oban Harbour operational channels are as follows:

12 Oban Harbour Master
67 HM Coastguard
73 Working channels
80 Oban Marina working channel

All vessels approaching Oban Bay or operating in Oban Bay and Harbour should also listen on VHF Channel 16. Vessels of over 30 metres in length should make a brief safety announcement on VHF Channel 16 prior to entry or departure.

All vessels should maintain a listening watch on vhf channels 12 and 16 for ferry movements broadcast.